Photography by David Morphew

Images that bring out the personality of your brand


Photographer based in Weymouth on Dorset's Jurassic coast.

I’ve yet to find a business that didn’t have images on their web-site. Imagery is everywhere and sadly when we are bombarded with pictures every day, only the strongest images stick in the mind. I’m guessing you can all see that image of the little girl in Vietnam, the Beatles on the crossing in Abbey Road, the engagement picture of Lady Di.
Images don’t need to shock to be memorable, but your business will need quality images if you want to stand out from the crowd. And that’s where I come in. Images of the top team for the annual report, pictures of key staff for the customer newsletter or just a head-shot to go with a press release; these are all part of the daily work of a professional photographer.
I started my career as a photographer shooting editorial commissions for Warwickshire Life magazine and you can see some of my work here, on the website and of course in the pages of several magazines.
Most of my work is shot on location but I can always source a studio in needed.
Specialties: location shoots PR photography, interiors, food and drink,  lifestyle photography,  business portraits,
You can contact me by
Phone: 01305 776447
or social media

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