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"In a world where we're inundated with choice, I’m convinced that one way for businesses to stand out from their competitors is through the use of compelling images. "
Your image library
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and while you may have spent hours working on the copy for your website or a press release, it's a stunning image that will make customers stop and look.

The easiest way to source pictures is from a stock library, but then your brochures and web-site will look just like everyone else's. Your web-site will only stand out if you use photographs that are fresh and unique. And a small investment in professional photography will provide you with an image bank that you can use for all your
brochures and printed materials as well as the web and social media.
People pictures
It takes a matter of minutes to set up a pop-up studio and everything you'll need to get professional looking images of your key people for your internet and social media sites. And if you prefer more of a natural look, that's not a problem; I'll take the photographs on your premises.
Press and PR pictures
With many years of shooting editorial work for regional lifestyle magazines I have a very good idea of what makes a compelling image. And having the right photograph will make it very difficult for the editors not to publish your story.
Conferences and events
I can offer fly on the wall coverage of team building events and conferences for your intranet and internal communications through to pictures ready for the trade press. And a slideshow of the highlights of the day makes a fun way to close off proceedings.
Buildings and interiors
Photographing rooms and making them look their best is a lot harder than it looks, and is one of those jobs that really does need the right equipment, so that the rooms are beautifully lit. This is especially important for the restaurant and pub business. When your food is delicious and appetising it's important to make the room look just as attractive I'll be very happy to quote.
Food Photography
Location photography, pictures for advertising and restaurant reviews. The magazines tell me that it’s very frustrating to be unable to provide valuable coverage to some fine establishments because the images provided are of such poor quality. With striking, high quality images you are much more likely to get PR in high quality publications which are also much more likely to be effective.  A no brainer really!
Product Photography
From simple pack shots against a white background to more creative pictures it's important to show your products in the best possible light. And better photography not only shows off the products - it gives them a  higher perceived value.
Rates and prices for Corporate photography
I will give you an idea of the expected costs before beginning an assignment. And because I charge by the hour not the day those, special images won't cost a fortune.
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